26 August 2010

homesick =(

For most freshman, they're there to go to school. but for me, I'm there for school AND the band. And all this is

taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. I really wanna just go home. I wanna lay in my own bed in my

own room. Not saying that I don't like my roommate cuz I do. But I guess I wasn't ready for this college life.

Maybe this will all get better in the long run. who knows. but right now...I just wanna go home.


It's Me Alisha ッ said...

OMG dont worry you will be fine..just count down the days till the next holiday..! trust in the long run when you have ur EDU you will look back and say this was all worth it..! NOW HAVE SOME FUN..!

mariahh . said...

awww .
you'll get use to it .
btt hey since youre in the band you mite know my friend fanta .
shes one of the band dancers atleast i think .
lolx she mite have changed her mind .
btt anyway enjoy your college experience ...
juss one more year for me !