21 December 2011

new nails! baby pink!

wow...it's been a while.

let me just update on everything with some pics.
the start of it all...lol

i cut all my hair off. decided to start OVER.

When I started off freshman year, I was a Nursing major. Well I changed it. lol. It was really too much. No point in trying to get into a major and they only accept 30 or so people and half the campus are Nursing majors. So now I am a Mass Communications major with a focus on broadcast technology. Hopefully I'll fun with this seeing its something I like doing (editing videos)

My GPA isn't where I want it to be, but its getting there. I have alot of big things set up for me, hopefully I can make it happen. Just have to focus and remain calm.]

Oh and I do attend the GREAT Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL. and I am currently a Marching Wildcat of the P.R.I.D.E..

23 May 2011

my youtube channel.

yes, I created a youtube channel strictly for my videos and my videos only! i would LOVE if you guys subscribed to the channel if you have a youtube account and stay active on it as I will be active with my videos.

the my user name is DoniRozay << just click the name, it will lead you there.
here's one of my recent videos. hope you enjoy it!

16 May 2011

1st update in a loooong time...

its been a while since I've been on here so I've decided to  make a post updating you!
-I just finished my first year in college. I attend Bethune-Cookman University on a band scholarship. I wanna say it was stressful but that would worry some incoming freshman. Ahh what the hell, your first year is how you make it. For me, since I was doing marching band and school, it was quite stressful but I had fun along the way. My grades are OK. but not how I want them to be. I have a something special I want to do by spring semester, so I need to keep my grades and GPA up.

 I went to the club for the first time EVER lol. Yea, I know, I should've went when I was in high school. But no, I was a sheltered child lol. Here's a picture of me at my first club event.

Make up: Shannon
Hair: Paige
Nails: Monique's Nail Salon in Daytona Beach, FL
Shirt: Styles
Bottoms: regular leggings =)
shoes: i wore some heels but you can't see them

My mom adopted a dog from her co-worker. His name is Taylor and he's my baby! He's a lil spoiled dog but only because I think he deserves the best.
I'm currently home for the summer and my mom almost had a FIT because of all the stuff I brought home, and half of it's in storage in Daytona! I have yet to un-pack my clothes and I got home on May 5th lol. One day I'll get to it lol I just want to enjoy what peace and quiet I have now.

Well, I think that's it

29 December 2010

slowly drifting...

to Tumblr!
I do have a PERSONAL tumblr now.
before I had a fashion tumblr, but I decided to make a whole new account with a whole new blog.
so if YOU have a tumblr, send me your link so I can follow your blog.
or if you want, you can go ahead and follow mine.