12 September 2010

here are some things NOT to do as a college freshman.

I've been at Bethune-Cookman for about a month now, and I noticed some things as the incoming freshman started coming in up until now. (I'm in the band and band freshman had to come a week earlier than everyone else)

1. Don't come the first day looking for a "boo thang". You barely know these people. You don't know their past either so just get to know them as friends first. 

2. Be sure you are financially cleared so that you will be able to register for classes. You don't want to end up paying some money when it was already due and not get the classes you want. and be sure to take more than 14 hours. I'm taking 17 hours now as a full time student/band member.

3. Get classes that fit into you curriculum. -enough said. 

4. Go to ALL your classes everyday. You don't want to fall behind too far.


6. Dress comfortably. Not for someone else.

7. If you end up getting a refund check, don't blow it on materialistic items ie. a car, an apartment. Because in the end of the semester, you're going to half to pay alllllll that back. Use it on books, a laptop, things you may need and little stuff that you want.

That's just a few for now. I've seen all these things happen so I just want to let all incoming freshman for NEXT year  know what to do. =)

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Briana said...

DO NOT WEAR HEELS TO AN 8 AM CLASS !! LMAO! I tweeted about that the first week of school I don't know WHY these girls come dressed for the club so early in the morning!