16 August 2010

I Do Apologize....

Hey guys I am soooo sorry about the lack of posting, I've been busy with band practice I haven't had time to sit

 down and blog. But I promise I'll do better when the school year starts. So far since I've been at the GREAT 

Bethune-Cookman University, I have...:

  • Attended my first ever party/college party.
When I was in high school I never went to parties. People didn't know how to act. smh..

  • Met some new friends inside AND outside the band. 
I have friends EVERYWHERE lol
  • Fell in the quad while the sprinklers were on -_-

Other than that....LOL!
I'll update you guys when I can!!!

1 comment:

It's Me Alisha ッ said...

college parties are the BOMB.COM trust me..! Do your thang girl and don't forget nothing your in a good place in your life..!