11 June 2010


I'm kinda feeling this new blogger Design thing going on! its more variety in the layout =) might be keeping this for a while.

So, since I've graduated, I've been doing nothing but blogging and doing hair lol. I've decided to go all natural for the rest of the year. and I'm gonna try and read this summer too. For yall that don't know, I am going to Bethune-Cookman University on a band scholarship. Yes, I play an instrument lol. I've also taught myself how to play another instrument too! (the piccolo).

Oh! and my camera broke! =( so no quality pictures for a while. only webcam pics which isn't much so just bare with me! And my promise to go natural with my nails is still in full effect! I am going to be blogging more too. And update you guys on my natural hair journey! Wish me luck!

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