29 June 2010

Dear BET,

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i am in total surprise to this year's BET Awards. After last year's stunt, i vowed to never watch the awards EVER. but i caved in. hehe. and i decided to watch it. When i heard Queen Latifah was hosting it, i thought it wasn't going to be funny at all. but as i watched her with the opening performance, i was dazzled! I LOVE IT! i laughed, i cried, i wanted to rewind it and watch over again! (but i don't have TiVo nor DVR lol) and it had me glued from then on.

What really made the icing on the cake was Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute. I thought he should've done something last year, despite his personal life. Chris Brown did an EXCELLENT job with the tribute! Job well done! and to all the people that say he faked the crying...SCREW YOU! =)

I cannot possibly see someone do a tribute so emotional and so hard-working and so brilliant be a publicity stunt. I almost cried! and if it was a publicity stunt, then MJ's family wouldn't have let him do it. Jermaine wouldn't have gotten on that stage to personally introduce CB for the performance. this performance made the so-called "tributes look like hot boo-boo garbage..

Overall, BET did a GREAT job with this awards show. =)

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