21 May 2010

graduation today!

today is the day i FINALLY graduate from high school! *clap clap clap* <---thank you! you are TOO kind!
I will be attending Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida and I'm gonna major in Nursing. Some people enjoyed their high school experience, some didn't. i know i had my ups and downs, but now i get to put all that behind me. I'm a college student now (well not unless till the fall lol) and I'm mature enough to make it out here! here are some pics!

this was my elementary school (1996-2003)

this was my 4th grade teacher! (i'm lookin kinda chunky there lol)

the founder of my future school!


Jasmine Ra;chelle said...

congrats !!!

Anyea Japre' said...

CONGRATS girl!!=]
that's wassup. i know you're excited to begin that college life.
be sure to tell us how that is because i know i wanna know.[=

you made it this far, now you'll make it even further.