06 April 2010

my musical talents. my heart and soul.

I've come to the realization that i LOVE music. i play the clarinet and might i add, my skills are taking me to my future. although i don't plan on doing music when i get older, i do plan on keeping my skills going because i want my kids to play an instrument like their mother and their father (my boyfriend) lol

i feel that everyone should be connected to music in some sort of way. whether the music is classical (Mozart), country, hard rock or hip hop, it all speaks to someone.

this video right here is my school's band. and if you fast forward to 2:24, that's me playing.

that little solo got me many scholarship offers.
and it even widened the scholarship offer i have to my #1 school Tennessee State University.
so i say everyone embrace different types of music. and learn to play the drums or the flute or something. it will take you a long way.

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