25 March 2010

all in all..

yesterday, i got prepared for auditions for the Tennessee State University marching band. the director thought i went to the school i auditioned at....well here's part of the convo:

Director: ok so you go to Miller Grove and...
Me: oh no i go to Stephenson (i was the only one from my school to go)
Director: OH!! you're the young lady @QuisCouture told me about!
Me: (acting like i didn't know anything) uh yes i am lol

so i played some music for him. and he looked impressed. after that he said:

Director: i tell most students that i hope to see you in the fall, im telling YOU im looking FORWARD to seeing you in the fall.

And from those words right there, i officially became a Tennessee State University Tiger.

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Briana said...

I awarded you on my blog :) check it out when u get a chance!