10 February 2010

smh! & ♥

Soo...today i found out that my graduating class's middle school spanish teacher was a child molester.....
thank god he was never my teacher!

My boobie ( my boyfriend, i like to call him that lol ) bought me a huge teddy bear for Valentine's Day and 3 bars of my favorite candy! Hershey's Cookie's and Cream!!!

i ate the candy lol

and i need some new songs for my playlist! if you guys have any ideas please let me know!

and there is a give-away on Sylvia's blog! check it out you might win!


Sylvia said...

Thanks chick! Good luck!

Tack™ said...

I guess you guys couldn't wait till the 14th lol, dig the new look and maybe add one of my songs. Titties, Money, Beer to thee playlist. sure would make me happy