08 February 2010

Did you know....?

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That women have 3 orgasms???

on Dr. Oz today, they had a trivia contest i guess on sex.
( btw, i didn't watch the episode, i only passed by it and happen to catch this part )
and the question was
"How many orgasms does a woman have?"
It was a man and a woman answering and they both answered "2"...
they were both wrong.
Its 3:
the clitoris
the G-Spot
and the combination of the men and women orgasm.

that had caught my attention only for a few more seconds but that was a little known fact that I didn't know. and i decided to pass it on to you guys who didn't know lol
and i may be wrong or heard it wrong, but if i am please let me know.
sorry if you felt offended by this post. just wanted to share something =)

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