31 January 2010

the "look"

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ok, this girl on twitter said this about Jay-Z:

@huny jay-z. you're allowed to smile. don't have to do that hard rapper thing anymore. you're 40, you're rich, and you fuck beyonce. SMILE.
and I honestly believe she's right. And I'm not just singling out Jay-Z but its many rappers out here now putting up the biggest front in hip hop history knowing damn well that some of them are true "mama's boys". but they don't show us that side. they show us the:

  • hard
  • gangsta
  • "i don't take sh!t from nobody"
And we all know that you don't. The constant guest appearance on local news stations tell it all! ( not Jay-Z but some of the other rappers you may know of that put on "the look") .

As a STRONG supporter of hip hop, i wish that some of these so-called "rappers" would show us their true side and let that fake gangsta stuff go. Yall getting too old for this.


Tack™ said...

Lol hell naw. I don't think he gettin that much play from Beyonce so he pissed.

Anonymous said...

You're so right...& I thought he did too but there's a reason for everything.

Prohaize said...

It's true. VERY TRUE. Some people just do it to it, but I believe that people kind of demand that, cuz if you look weak and you DO take shxt, nobody will give a damn about. It's just something that's almost required. It's not necessary though